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The Experience

"For holy is hospitality. Humbleness is its crown. Only the humble can be absolutely hospitable. The foundation of all hospitality is meekness and humbleness of heart. In this way the host has more regard for the guest than for himself. He doesn’t regard himself higher than his guest and shrinks away from any sign of superiority."

- Godfried Babbio

It is easy to imagine the activities in the old harbour a hundred years ago. The boats laden with their catch return to the harbour. You can almost hear the fishermen calling out to one another as they haul their fishing boats ashore and above this, the cries of the seabirds ... the sea gulls hovering greedily above the rich load of fish in the dinghies as the crowds on the beach surge forward to begin their haggling over prices with the fishermen.

Fresh fish still has the same allure today and life has not changed much in Hermanus. The fish is still freshly caught and chances are you’ll find our chef Rudolf on the quayside with his seafood supplier Whale Coast Fisheries, discussing which fresh fish to serve for the day.

Fresh Produce from the Farm

Our supplier, Valley Farmstall, is as much part of our team as our kitchen staff. They source the produce in the Hemel en Aarde Valley and the Burgundy, by adhering to its mantra of colour, texture and flavour, turn out the best from each delightfully fresh ingredient.